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Parenting the Sexually Abused Child
This article was prepared by the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse for parents adopting a sexually abused child, however the information is relevant for any parent who finds their child has been abused.


Dedicated to Christian male and female survivors of sexual abuse and those who walk alongside us in our healing journey.

Dirty Little Secrets by J. Lee Grady
Men who were sexually abused as boys often find it difficult to talk about their pain, but god has provided a path to healing.

Pandora's Box: The Secrecy of Child Sexual Abuse

Parents Support for Child Sexual Abuse

Parenting a Sexually Abused Child by Lawrence R. Ricci, M.D.

Encouragement For Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors
This site is for adult childhood incest/sexual abuse survivors who are looking for comfort, hope, truth, encouragement and fellowship.

Female Sexual Abusers: A Theory of Loss
Awareness about female sexual abuse perpetrators has increased in recent years. Taken as a whole, the literature indicates that although most sexual abusers are males, child sexual abuse by females does occur and is probably less rare than was once believed.

National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization
Dedicated to a safe world, we are an organization of diverse individuals committed through research, education, advocacy, and activism to the prevention, treatment and elimination of all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men.

Spiritual Survival for Abuse Survivors
Christian site includes on-site a Spiritual Survival Handbook that is excellent.

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If you are going to work with ritual abuse survivors, you must also get educated if you want to be effective. And you must learn to be humble. Trauma survivors do not need to be around ignorant, modern-day Pharisees. Survivors in pain need people who will connect with them on an emotional level, get right down in there where they are, and listen. --Kathleen Sullivan